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Utility Companies lose vast amounts of revenue because of improper function and/or inaccurate registration of their water meters. This is particularly true on commercial meters installed on high revenue producing services. Today, when the cost of water and the service to deliver it are constantly on the rise, these losses can impact heavily.

Allied Meter Service Inc. seeks to eliminate these unnecessary losses by offering a complete testing and repair service. Our staff is both factory and field trained. Small meters will be repaired at our shop in Burlington, NJ. Larger meters can be tested and repaired while in service. We also offer a Meter Maintenance Program designed to prevent revenue losses by proper testing and repair at scheduled intervals.

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Water Meters
5/8 x 3/4 inch Magnetic Drive Meters
3/4 x 3/4 inch Drive Meters
1 inch Meters
11/2 inch Meters
2 inch Positive Displacement Meters
2 inch Turbine Meters
3 inch Turbine Meters
4 inch Turbine Meters
6 inch Turbine Meters
8 inch Turbine Meters
2 inch Compound Meters
3 inch Compound Meters
4 inch Compound Meters
6 inch Compound Meters
8 inch Compound Meters

Repairs and Testing
Accuracy Tests
Certification Tests (in shop)
Field Tests (image)
Well Meter Field Test
Appraisals & Inspections
Water meters tested and/or serviced: Amco, Hersey, Neptune, Badger, Rockwell, Master Meter, etc.

Well meters tested and/or serviced: Sparling, Water Specialties, McCrometer, etc.

We also have rebuilt meters for sale and buy scrap meters.

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